A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cast spells, solve puzzles, and bring your enemies back from the dead as you dance towards the noblest goal any necromancer has ever had: PARTYING!

‘Skeletal Dance Party’ resurrects the charming voxel style and hypnotically bouncy physics of its viral predecessor, ‘Skeletal Dance Simulator’, into a full-bodied narrative experience. By casting spells, moving objects and people with telekinesis, and resurrecting your enemies as more skeletons to join your party crew and reach the all-important goal of having the biggest party ever!

What you get

  • Demo - A short preview of the tutorial level. Use this to figure out if the game runs on your system.
  • Buy (not until 22nd October) - Get full game and a Steam key is included when you buy the game on itch.io!

In this adventure you play as Reva, a young fox-eared necromancer on a quest to hold the biggest, funnest, most awesomest party for all her new friends! Her new friends just so happen to be reanimated skeletons harvested from the bodies of her enemies, but she’s raised the dead and now they wanna raise the roof! You and your newfound friends will battle against the oppressive forces of the Temple of Righteous Light, invite a myriad of monsters to your big bash, and dance your way to victory! So grab some milk and get ready for the party of your life and afterlife!

Everything is physics-based - you've been gifted with the power of telekinesis! You'll solve puzzles, throw your enemies, and bring your friends and surroundings exactly where they need to be! You'll also be able to flip tables, which is way more important.

Expand and lead your party army to victory with an range of magic spells and mystical powers! By the wiggling of your nose (and the tapping of your keys) you'll turn the bodies of your enemies into more skelepals to keep the party going all night long!

Your skeletal minions will use anything they can get their boney fingers on to make your party as killer as possible! Your boney buddies will equip everything from weapons to hats, from spell books to trumpets, and dance their way into battle against the forces of the Temple!


Follow progress on the following sites.

Skeletal Dance Party is a collaboration between Catalope Games No Studio In Particular and several of our friends.

  • Jesper Tingvall - Programmer, Game design & project lead
  • Reece Bridger - Narrative Designer, Casting Director & Voice acting for Eek
  • Miku - Artist & Game feel designer
  • Sara Erenius - 3D Artist
  • Connor O.R.T. Linning - Soundtrack
  • Nicole Frische Playtesting and Sound Design (VO)
  • E. Jamall Sound Design (VO)
  • Jane Redd - Voice acting for Reva
  • Stefan Martello - Voice acting for Funnybone
  • Chloe Eves - Voice acting for Bethany
  • Aimee Smith - Voice acting for Gucha
  • Marissa Lenti - Voice acting for Frankie
  • Felicia Valenti - Voice acting for Sybil
  • CJ Heineman - Voice acting for Temple Forces
  • Sean Chiplock - Voice acting for Skeletons

Install instructions

Contains Unity Analytic. It reports on average FPS, hardware configuration  (CPU, GPU, OS and memory) and average game session length. You can change this in privacy option in main menu. For more information refer to Catalope Games privacy policy.


skeletal-dance-party-linux-universal-demo.zip 97 MB
Version 0.9.1 14 hours ago
skeletal-dance-party-osx-demo.zip 77 MB
Version 0.9.1 14 hours ago
skeletal-dance-party-windows-x86-demo.zip 71 MB
Version 0.9.1 14 hours ago

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Not sure, if it's only temporarily, but your trailer comes up with Internal server error^^"


It seems YouTube itself had an hickup. Trailer should work now.


Great :D

Hey, I'm doing a month-long event featuring a different indie horror game every day, and you're October 24th! This video will go public on October 24th, at 2PM EST.

Wonderful, thanks!

Well, I must say that so far the game is fun. 

No 100% sure about the music, tho. I mean, is very funny, and fit well with the mood of the game, but it takes more prominence than it should.

Sometimes the dialogue tends to be long, and I ended up skipping most of it, not sure about how to make it shorter without affecting the explanation part of the game.

Aside from that, very good job, and good luck finishing it. I surely will play it again in a more advance state.

Thank you for play testing!

Do you think that you are looking after a better volume balance between game sounds and music? 

I have some ideas on how to make the dialogue so that is in progress.

Yes, maybe better balance between sounds and music could help or solve the issues completely.

I'll put that to the backlog, thanks!

Really cool :D
Just a few things to point out: A "skip dialogue" button would be great, if you end up replaying for example the tutorial level. The Magebolt attack does not quite hit where it was aimed, but rather higher/further away, not sure, if that is intended. The hub has the dungeon loot spawn a bit weirdly in some cases: gallon of milk is sunk into the shelf, Trumpet and Magical Sword spawn in the same spot. In rare occasions it might happen that an enemy, upon death, ends up "stuck" inside a table (eg. body below, and head above). Adding the options menu in the pause screen ingame would also be nice, especially for adjusting controls. The axis inversion with the double arrow symbols is maybe not an intuitive choice, especially since inverting mouse horizontal/vertical doesn't seem to have any effect? Also a Tooltip or hint on the side could help, (or a classic inversion tick box).
Good luck with that final stretch :D



Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! I've pushed all issues to the backlog and see what I can do with them. I have not tried the axis inversion myself so it is quite likely that it does not work.

Now it is just 90% left! D:

Love it so far !

The camera control are confusing : the vertical axis is inverted, but the horizontal is not. I intituively expect them to work the same, so I always do one wrong, and when I try to correct mylesf, I do the other one wrong.


Hello and thank you for the kind words!

The camera have been fixed in an internal release, if there is anything else you find strange let us know.

Get hype for Halloween 🎃