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Skeletal Dance Party Winter update
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I hope that you are having a very comfy time indoor waiting for the snow to arrive. Here is a tiny update to Skeletal Da...
6 files — 1.7.3
Skeletal Dance Party 1.7.2: Halloween Quickfix
Here is the winner to the art competition we arranged at Sweden Game Festival! It was incredible hard to find the best skeleton and we got a whole binder full o...
3 files — 1.7.2
Defend your Skeletal Dance Party from Clerie and her Zombie army in the Afterparty Update!
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I am really happy to finally tell you that the Afterparty update to Skeletal Dance Party is out! It took a little while...
3 files — 1.7.1
You are invited to the Afterparty!
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I'd like to tell you what the Skeletal Dance Party team have been working on. A huge Halloween and story update! Afterpa...
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.11: Midsummer Hungover Update
Hello, Here is a tiny patch that reworks how the puzzles works. The new telekinesis mechanic introduced in the Midsummer Update made it really hard to solve the...
6 files — 1.5.11
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.10: Midsummer Update
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I hope that you have wonderful summer and will soon have vacation. So far my summer is going quite good, but has been a...
6 files — 1.5.10
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