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Skeletal Dance Party

Host a Halloween party for your skeletons! · By Catalope Games, J3X


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You are invited to the Afterparty!
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I'd like to tell you what the Skeletal Dance Party team have been working on. A huge Halloween and story update! Afterpa...
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.11: Midsummer Hungover Update
Hello, Here is a tiny patch that reworks how the puzzles works. The new telekinesis mechanic introduced in the Midsummer Update made it really hard to solve the...
6 files — 1.5.11
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.10: Midsummer Update
Hello, Jesper from Catalope Games here. I hope that you have wonderful summer and will soon have vacation. So far my summer is going quite good, but has been a...
6 files — 1.5.10
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.8: Back from #CasualConnect
Last week Reva and her skeleton gang visited Casual Connect in London. Sadly she did not win the large Indie Prize but she found lots of new friends over there...
6 files — 1.5.8
Skeletal Dance Party 💀 #NordicGame & soon #CasualConnect
Hello, Jesper here, I run Catalope Games. During Last days I visited Nordic Game and showcased Skeletal Dance Party. It was really fun and I saw lots of familia...
Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.4: Hoppity Halls
Hippity hopp! It is Easter and that means a patch with eggs, bunnies and dancing skeletons! Enjoy Skeletal Dance Party at 25% off during Easter with a custom Ea...
6 files — 1.5.4
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