Just a few days until 22nd - release date of Skeletal Dance Party! Also update 0.8.11 to the demo.

Here is a tiny patch 0.8.11 for the demo. A lot of changes is going in in the full game but I’ve ported some of the most important things to the demo release as well.

  • Added UI flash when taking damage.
  • Added release date and more store links to main menu
  • Lowered default volume.
  • Fix lag caused by puppet with an effect on dying.
  • Fixed equipment suddenly starting to fly away
  • Correctly sized Funnybone in cutscenes.
  • Telekinesis spell mapped to Space
  • Remastered OST


skeletal-dance-party-linux-universal-demo.zip 108 MB
Version 0.8.11 Oct 18, 2018
skeletal-dance-party-osx-demo.zip 90 MB
Version 0.8.11 Oct 18, 2018
skeletal-dance-party-windows-x86-demo.zip 85 MB
Version 0.8.11 Oct 18, 2018

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