Skeletal Dance Party Patch 1.0.2


Here is a patch fixing issues we noticed people had in the released version. It is mostly things related to playing with gamepads. And changing texts.

- Improved description of many items.
- Fixed incorrectly placed block at Gucha's ending.
- Can reconfigure controls from in game menu.
- More clear on item popup is Reva can use item or if minions can use item.
- Right Trigger is default key for telekinesis on gamepad and right stick is default key for commanding minions.
- Puppet should not be able to equip items they can not equip.
- Items used for internal purpose should no longer show up in hub world.
- Correct font in options menu.
- Do not show cursor in menus when using gamepad.

The changes has also been patched into the demo.

Files 168 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018 150 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018 146 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018 76 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018 80 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018 98 MB
Version 1.0.2 Oct 24, 2018

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Run into  a bug, where the cutscene of meeting Betty in "Path of Righteous Light" would trigger far away from the actual location. 

The ellipsoid barriers you, enemies and your skeletons sometimes get are positioned a bit too far up relative to the upright character model.

When facing a wall and using the Crushing Teddy skill you can get sucked through the wall and fall eternally.

Another (minor) issue: When using the Crushing Teddy in the homebase, the lovely slime girl Gucha might get stuck halfway in the floor^^"

In some (rare) cases the camera would zoom in and then get stuck in the zoomed position.

Still got some optional levels to beat, but it was mostly fun so far, despite some frustrating deaths every now and then XD

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Thank you for the reports, I'll add them to the backlog!

Then is the Betty cutscene triggering?

Glad that you are enjoying the game, there is more to come!

The first time it was pretty weird. I stepped into the trigger and the camera moved all over the map to the group of monsters I befriended, the cutscene played out normally, but I didn't see the camera "returning" to me. I guess I glitched through the wall, like with the crushing teddy or so, because after the cutscene it was just pitch black (also many of my skeletons died, but that could have been something else). Any other replay of the "same" level worked fine so far.