Skeletal Dance Party 1.1.4; Dreamhack Indie Playground, Soundtrack and Interviews

Here is a new patch 1.1.4 and some news for Skeletal Dance Party. The patch is mostly fixes and adds things we have received feedback on and went "Why didn't we think of this before launch!?".


The soundtrack for Skeletal Dance Party has been released standalone. You can find it on Spotify, Bandcamp and lots of other places. If you have already bought Skeletal Dance Party you can download it for free from the store where you got it from.


Skeletal Dance Party is in the for best Action/Adventure selection at Dreamhack Winter Indie Playground! That means we’ll be at Dreamhack Winter Sweden this month. If you are going to visit it be sure to pay our booth a visit.


We now have a Skeletal Dance Party Amino! If you are into fan art pay it a visit! Art by Artist Kit

Interview / reactions

We had two Interviews about the release of Skeletal Dance Party. First one is with IGDB, the Indie Game Data Base.

The not so spooky skeletons — a talk about the new game Skeletal Dance Party

Second one is for Game*Spark, a Japanese game website. The interview can be found here. As the title suggests it is in Japanese.

ダンスアクションADV『Skeletal Dance Party』「本作は『ピクミン』にインスパイアされた物理ベースのダンジョンクロウラー」【注目インディーミニ問答】

New features in 1.1.4:

  • Add Options menu to in game.
  • Unique models for Reva’s Right, left and hats. Some of the items have been changed name and description.
  • Can click to finish dialoge line.
  • Add low poly LOD models to more enviroment models, improving performance.

Fixes in 1.1.4:

  • Gucha’s level are not selected per default.
  • Reworked Zap Staff skill.
  • Rebalance Reva’s equipment resistances.
  • Faster dialoge speed.
  • Sound when changing equipment.
  • Clicking Eek triggers cutscene in Eek’s level.
  • Do not display command minions options on hovering over items when no minions are spawned.
  • Fixed tutorial and eek’s level having multiple objectives of same kind.
  • Text box remains on screen between dialoge fixes, making cutscenes faster.
  • Seperate ones of Reva’s lines in true ending into several smaller parts.
  • Fixes bug causing Bethany’s boss battle tile to sometimes intersect other tiles in Eek’s level causing lots of problems.
  • Magic walls no longer have huge invisible walls above them.
  • Remove “impossible to destroy” text on magic walls after destroying them.
  • Made 6 statues puzzle more clear to solve.
  • Fixed sound issue with Spooky Teddy.
  • Removed text from locked door indicating that a key might be found somewhere.
  • Balanced Revas Left hand spells.

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Version 1.1.4 Nov 20, 2018

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