Skeletal Dance Party 1.4.2: Divine Armory

The knights of the Temple of Light are tired of loosing the battle thus they’ve opened up their armory and called in reinforcements! You will now face not only knights but also wizards and bard while exploring the dungeon. All armed with new equipment!


Each class of enemy now has a different model. In addition each level have a different skin. This gives a total of 15 different enemies to face in the dungeon.

New items

Some old items are replaced with new items with unique models. In addition all spell books have a new unique model and their stats balanced.

Fools Hat Really silly hat.

Magical Pole Arm Filled with magical energy.

Music Theory for Tone-deaf A book about how to make music. Not very good music.

Horn Honking results in a 350 gold coins penalty.

Magician’s Hat An entire rabbit family lives inside this fancy hat.

Red Wizard Hat Filled with magic.

Blue Wizard Hat For some reason more strong than the Red Wizard Hat.

Wooden Staff Powered by special effects from holy wood.

Circlet of Infinity Contains infinite knowledge about universe and rabbits.

Squire’s Helmet Made out of paper.

Viking Helmet Smells of mead.

Royal Knight’s Helmet Really fancy helmet only given to the most brave paladins.

Crusader Helmet Helmet dedicated to smiting evil. As long as you can see out.

Steel Shield Protects against everything except angry magnets.

Sacred Shield Blessed by the temple of light.

Sneaky Knife Small knife made for stabbing.

Knight’s Targe When offense is more important than protection.


  • Every party needs a place to dance. Thus dance floors are added to the dungeon.
  • More dynamic loot system allowing high level items to spawn at maps, giving more variety.
  • Add floor fences to some places in the world.
  • Updated Unity to 2018.3.7f1.
  • Fixed door frame collision.
  • Better door collision.

These patches has also been merged into the demo. If you find any bugs let me know in the comments.

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Version 1.4.2 Mar 08, 2019

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