Skeletal Dance Party 1.5.4: Hoppity Halls

Hippity hopp! It is Easter and that means a patch with eggs, bunnies and dancing skeletons! Enjoy Skeletal Dance Party at 25% off during Easter with a custom Easter style quest against the Bunnymancer!

First for some awesome piece of news. Skeletal Dance Party is one of the finalists for Indie Prize 2019. That means we will be at Casual Connect in London May 28-30. If you are also there make sure to drop by and say hi to us!

Easter content

New quest: Hoppity Halls
A surreal stretch of territory, these well-hidden catacombs echo with the chittering of long-eared burrowing creatures. It is said that a powerful wizard known as Bunnymancer the Bunnymancer (and Not Very Creative) dwells here, harvesting magical eggs and turning any hapless intruders into puffy-tailed, carrot-loving bunnybones!

Unlocked after Gucha's optional Spook-ey Hole quest.

New Reva item: Hat of the Bunnymancer
A dark ritual has cursed this hat to smell like carrots. Transform a fallen corpse into a bunny skeletal pal. Bunny skeletons have increased life and a charge attack.

Can be found at the end of the Hoppity Halls quest.

Easter Decoration
The catacombs have been filled with easter eggs.

New loot

New Reva item: Sickle
Wheat's worst nemesis.

New item: Party Soundtrack
7 tracks to shake your bones to.

New item: Scythe
Goes great with a black robe and hourglass.


- Milky and kitty skeletons have correct voice.
- Milky skeletons has unique texture.
- Improved some of the rooms and spawn locations of loot.
- Fix door physics, you will not longer be damaged by running into doors.
- Fixed bug causing certain not droppable items to be dropped.
- Fixed bug causing question marks to appear in hubworld for quests already discovered.
- Update Unity to 2018.3.13f1.

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Version 1.5.4 Apr 19, 2019

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